Bomber Barn demo is out + Steam page is live!

Hello world!

My brother and I have been working on this game called Bomber Barn for just about one year now, and we've finally set up our home here on itch. We grew up on couch multiplayer, and we're determined to keep the genre alive and bring folks together for some good, clean fun.

In short, Bomber Barn is a modern twist on an old classic. You play as a cute animal with special abilities. Bomb or be bombed!

The core roster so far:

  1. Chuckin' Chicken, who throws strings of bombs and even "cooks" them to keep you guessing
  2. Quick Cat, who dashes around in short sprints to run circles around you
  3. Dojo Donkey, who kicks bombs away, creating offense out of defense
  4. Timid Turtle, who can temporarily withdraw into safety during otherwise fatal firefights

Whenever we exhibit the game in person,  it's really fun to see which animals people are drawn to at first, and which ones they find fit their natural play-style more (and which ones they switch to when they're losing!).

I'll save the bulk of the talk about the game's design for future posts, but for now I'd like to just say hello, and we're excited to hear what you think of Bomber Barn. Right now you can play the free demo, so grab a few friends and plug in your controllers!

- Larry, Late Leaf Games

P.S. you can wishlist/follow here on our Steam store page


Bomber Barn v0.6.0 Demo 38 MB
Dec 29, 2018
Bomber Barn v0.6.0 Demo 47 MB
Dec 29, 2018

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